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Handstand 1: neutral spine

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Handstand 1: neutral spine

We practice the alignment for neutral spine in a lying position, some core work incorporated, we take that to some standing poses, and finally to inverted poses like downward dog and a first try to kick up into handstand trying to keep all of that in place.. You will benefit from these tips to give you good posture and stability in any pose. Enjoy.. Props needed: a wall, a block and a bolster.

Part of the Arm Balance Essentials - Week 1

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Class by

Teacher: Esther Ekhart

Esther Ekhart

Teacher: Esther Ekhart
Level: All Levels
Style: Vinyasa Flow
Specific use: Alignment, Arm Balances, Strength/Core
Duration: 60 min
Part of: Arm Balance Essentials

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