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Kapalabhati breath

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Kapalabhati breath
This is a clearing and cleansing practice through breath work. Kapala means skull and bhati means to shine, polish, cleanse. So Kapalabhati means Skull Shining Breath. It is a heating technique that increases the digestive fire by strengthening, massaging and toning the abdominal muscles and digestive organs and oxygenates the blood. It improves circulation especially to the brain which gives the skull shining effect. Through sitting in Sukhasana Pose (cross-legged), increasing the breath and the use of the abominal mucles on the breath we evoke into into this powerful Kapalabathi breath. Yoga breath ing exercises are powerful and transformative.

Part of the Ten days of Pranayama program

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Class by

Teacher: Marlene Henny

Marlene Henny

Teacher: Marlene Henny
Level: Level 1, Level 2
Style: Pranayama
Specific use: Breathing
Duration: 10 min
Part of: Ten Days of Pranayama

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