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Keep it simple: movement and breath

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Keep it simple: movement and breath

A short class with as little talking as possible (which was difficult for David!).  Focus on your breath with a 5 count inhale / exhale cycle through the whole sequence.  The poses are basic and "simple."  We start with sitting and breathing, releasing the neck and shoulders and then onto a handful of standing poses.  Some seated hip openers close the class in a 30 minute, 'nothing fancy, nothing too profound' class for everyone.  This is a great class for ‘stiff people' or beginners! 

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Class by

Teacher: David Lurey

David Lurey

Teacher: David Lurey
Level: Level 1, Level 2
Style: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow
Specific use: Breathing, Morning Yoga, Stress reduction
Duration: 30 min

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