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Parents and Kids AcroYoga Superheroes workshop

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Parents and Kids AcroYoga Superheroes workshop

This workshop is the first of a structured series. I recommend starting here and watching the videos in sequence as each workshop gradually builds upon the previous one:

AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of Yoga, the loving kindness of Thai Massage, and the dynamic power of Acrobatics. In the ‘Superheroes' Parents & Kids workshop we learn in a playful way to 'fly professionally', develop teamwork and trust each other. You will also discover your hidden inner superpowers!

The aim of the workshop is to create a setting for parents and kids to explore and experience something exciting and new. Physically the goal is to work on body tension for the child and for the parent to learn the acrobatic technique of ‘stacking bones’; i.e. to use the alignment of our legs and arms straight above our bodies in order to hold someone up, instead using the force of our muscles. 

•        For: This workshop is suitable for kids between 6-12 years old and grown-ups/older siblings/friends.

•       Younger kids can do all the exercises too but the workshop might be slightly too long, I recommend therefore to break the workshop up into 2 parts or just see how far you get.

•        Parents/ adults joining in, please read the guidelines first.

Parents, please read these guidelines before setting out

Part of the Yoga for Kids program

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Class by

Teacher: Esther Hertog

Esther Hertog

Teacher: Esther Hertog
Level: All Levels
Style: Acro Yoga, Kids Yoga
Specific use: Alignment, Energising, Inversions, Strength/Core
Duration: 60 min
Part of: Yoga for Kids

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