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Stabilise and strengthen your psoas

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Stabilise and strengthen your psoas

The 6th class in Lisa's psoas series. Learn the WHO breath for core stability and integrity and the Figure 8 Loop for dynamic cohesion in your posture. Strengthen your psoas and explore its inner power as a coiled spring.

Class 1: Connecting with your inner core
Class 2: Deepen your core stability
Class 3: Developing kangaroo legs
Class 4: Saluting the psoas
Class 5: A relaxed and fearless psoas
Class 6: Stabilise and strengthen your psoas

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Class by

Teacher: Lisa Petersen

Lisa Petersen

Teacher: Lisa Petersen
Level: All Levels
Style: Hatha
Specific use: Back health, Breathing, Strength/Core, Stress reduction
Duration: 45 min

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