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The Hipster (no beard required)

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The Hipster (no beard required)

Removing stagnant energy to be fresh and Hip - This series of poses moves the femur bone around the hip joint in many different directions with a variety of different actions and weight-bearing poses. The first 20 minutes is lying on the floor with no weight-bearing on the hip joint, allowing it to open in many directions. When we move off of the floor to lunges and balancing, the weight on the hip changes the functions of the muscles to give the right amount of flexibility and power. We finish with a few seated poses after the strength work to maintain the openness… breathing out the old and bringing the new and the ‘hip.’

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Class by

Teacher: David Lurey

David Lurey

Teacher: David Lurey
Level: Level 1, Level 2
Style: Hatha, Vinyasa Flow
Specific use: Evening Yoga, Hip Openers, Morning Yoga
Duration: 45 min

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