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Using Yoga Nidra to manage pain - practice

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Using Yoga Nidra to manage pain - practice

Yoga Nidra can significantly improve the relationship we have with the pain we experience in our body. It can offer welcome relief for people struggling to manage their pain using other methods, even bringing the 'pain scale' down by several notches after just one practice. During this session, we will first identify the level of pain we are experiencing and then work through a comprehensive range of Yoga Nidra practices before re-visiting that pain level once again. By the end of the practice, you should not only feel less pain but be confident to continue the practice at home. You might also be interested in watching the introduction to this practice Using Yoga Nidra to manage pain - talk

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Teacher: James Reeves

James Reeves

Teacher: James Reeves
Level: All Levels
Style: Yoga Nidra
Specific use: Stress reduction
Duration: 45 min

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