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Vibrant Prana - Get up and go!

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Vibrant Prana - Get up and go!

With a focus on key physical movements from the practice of Hatha Yoga, including Sun Salutations, this class goes further to harness the ancient practice of Pranayama (meaning to extend and expand one's lifeforce). It's designed to revitalise your energy system and give you some va-va-voom! 'Ha-tha' can be interpreted as 'Sun-Moon' and this practice helps you land sunny side up, stimulating the vibrant, health-giving life force of Prana. If your get up and go has got up and left, then this class is for you!

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Class by

Teacher: James Reeves

James Reeves

Teacher: James Reeves
Level: All Levels
Style: Hatha
Specific use: Energising, Gentle yoga, Sun Salutations
Duration: 60 min

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