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What is Samadhi?

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What is Samadhi?

Where are we going with all this yoga stuff? Raghunath cracks open the often enigmatic 8th and final limb of yoga called Samadhi, considered by sages as the goal of yoga.  Raghu does this in an easy to understand, practical, yet traditionally grounded presentation. What does it mean to be totally absorbed in spirit, to see spirit in every one and everything, to love those who don't love you if not hate you? Raghu tackles these topics and helps shed light on connecting our yoga asana practice and this lofty stage of advanced yoga in easy to understand, entertaining, and inspiring 30 minute talk. If you'd like to deepen your yoga practice this one is for you.

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Teacher: Raghunath


Teacher: Raghunath
Level: All Levels
Style: Talks
Duration: 30 min

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