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What to do when your hips are 'stiff'

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What to do when your hips are 'stiff'

Does your pelvis tilt backwards when you do Paschimottanasana (Caterpillar)? Do you feel pain in your groin and inner part of the knees when you do Upavistakonasana (Dragonfly)? Does one side of the hip come off the floor and do you feel pain in your knees when you do Gomukasana (Shoelace)? 
If so, this session is for you. You will come to understand what causes the trouble in these poses and how you can adapt these poses to your possibilities. This class is set up as a 'troubleshoot' where various poses are explored, explained and solved. In the end you will know more about your hips, which allows you to practice the poses adapted to your needs. You will need: pillows, a bolster, blocks, a wall, a blanket. Before doing this sequence check out the talk 'Anatomy on hip stiffness and hip openers explained further' (below).

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