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Human Rights worker for more than 30 years and yoga practitioner for 25. Arrived as a refugee in UK from Colombia were I worked as human rights layer. As part of a masters in Managing organisations I explored managing stress through Aromatherapy more than 25 years ago, then I become pregnant, yoga came too... worked on international development but always wanted to have that plan B ... move back to Latin America, worked in armed conflict, women's rights & LGBT rights. Live a year in Nepal back to UK... At my return I became yoga teacher (Vajrasati Yoga -influence by Iyengar with more "alternative'/curious approach) trained with Lisa Peterson, intensive with Donna Farhi in New Zealand, James Reeves, done some workshops with Aki Amori and Uma Tulu-Dismori ... did classes in yoga studios but last years have been teaching from home, and I love it!. Finally give up my job last year, and about to move to Valencia to co-run a collective yoga studio! I visite J Brown in New York and follow his podcast about yoga today/running studios etc so this is also an area of interest to me. Love somatic, restorative as well as flow, spirals, dance. Meditation has become big part of my day to day practice additionally to iRest/Nidra yoga, my main practice is Somatic Meditation, Reggie Ray, and virtually has done several courses with Dharma Ocean. I will say I am a eclectic latin yogini. Have two girls (17 and 23) and my wife is Irish, both are moving to Valencia with our dog Lola.

Yoga teacher

Age: 55
Location: Brighton Uk and Valencia Spain
Member since: 2014-02-23
Gender: female

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