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Yoga levels

1 Level 1

Level 1 classes are for beginner students and for all students or yoga teachers who want to learn more about proper alignment in the poses. They are also great if you are low on energy, or if you have an injury and need to take it easy.

At this level, we spend more time on fundamental breathing techniques and on how the poses are built. The pace is gentle enough, but the classes can be challenging, helping you build up strength.

We suggest you also go to a live teacher now and then, to receive hands-on guidance in your practice, especially if you are new to yoga.

If you are a completely new to yoga we recommend you follow a programme designed for beginners to guide you through the basics.

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1/2 Level 1/2

Level 1/2 classes are a good choice as you make the transition from level 1 to level 2. The pace is more challenging than level 1 classes, and they are more physically strenuous.

Select Level 1 on the Classes page and you'll find all the Level 1 / 2 classes there. Use the other filters to narrow down your choice by style, teacher, duration and specific use.

2 Level 2

Level 2 classes are for the experienced, intermediate students who flow through most poses with ease in the level 1 and level 1/2  classes, and feel ready for a greater challenge in their yoga practice.

Expect a faster pace in some classes and therefore less detailed instructions for familiar poses. More advanced poses are introduced.

In level 2, your body awareness grows and you will experience the alignment cues on a deeper level.

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2/3 Level 2/3

To prepare you for the transition from level 2 to level 3, level 2 / 3 is a bit stronger then a level 2 class. More advanced poses are introduced, though options will often be given so that you can progress towards the poses.

For all classes it's important to take things at the right pace for you. It's always ok to skip or modify a pose if that is what fels right for you on that day.

Select Level 2 on the Classes page and you'll find all the Level 2 / 3 classes there. Use the other filters to narrow down your choice by style, teacher, duration and specific use.

3 Level 3

Level 3 classes are for the seasoned yogis who have been practising for a good while and who like a physical challenge. By this level you will be familiar with most yoga poses as well as the deeper aspects of yoga beyond asana, including Pranayama, meditation and philosophical aspects of yoga.

These classes require strength, flexibility, and balance in body and mind. You need the strength to keep your joints and body safe, the flexibility to be able to get into some of the poses, and the balance to hold them.

Advanced poses are explored in greater detail however it is still important to take responsibility for your own body and to back out of poses or modify them when appropriate. 

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all All levels

These classes are interesting for people of all levels. Clear instructions are given during classes, including breathing techniques and alignment in poses.

Different variations are given for the poses. More experienced students are encouraged to explore more advanced variations in familiar poses. Newer students will develop better posture alignment, more body awareness, and core strength in the more basic variations.

Everyone can works to their own ability and comfort level.

All level classes also include meditation, talks, Yoga Nidra and more so use the other filters on the classes page to narrow down your selection.

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