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Childs Pose / Balasana

Yoga pose: Childs Pose/Balasana
Step by step
  • Kneel on the floor. Spread your knees to the width of your hips, big toes together.
  • Exhale and bring your belly to rest between the thighs, lowering your buttocks towards your heels. Lengthen your spine. Breathe into your lower back.
  • Lay your arms on the floor alongside your torso, palms up, and release the fronts of your shoulders toward the floor. Feel how the weight of the front shoulders pulls the shoulder blades wide across your back. Rest your forehead into the floor.
  • You can stay anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes in this resting pose.
  • To come up, first lengthen the front torso, and then with an inhalation lift from the tailbone as it presses down and into the pelvis.
Beginners tips
  • Child's Pose is about being comfortable and rested as well as increasing flexibility in the hips and back. So take a look at the different variations and modifications to find the pose that suits your body.
  • For example, many people find it more comfortable to take the knees wider (to the width of a yoga mat). This also creates more space if you have a larger belly or breasts.
  • Stretches the hips, thighs, lower back, ankles and knees.
  • Helps relieve fatigue.
  • Calms the mind and the body.
  • Increases blood circulation to the head.
  • Can be used as a resting pose any time in a practice.
Watch out for...
  • Neck injuries, make sure that your neck stays in a neutral position. If your head does not rest easily on the floor, rest your head on your forearms, doubled up fists, pillows or blocks.
  • Knee or ankle injuries, the pose involves a deep bend in the knees and pressure on the ankles so you may want to substitute it with a different resting pose such as Savasana / Corpse Pose.
  • If you feel too much of a stretch in your ankles - place a small roll at the bottom of your shins to relieve tension.
  • If your buttocks does not sit on your heels, and you wish to rest here for a while as a restorative pose, place a pillow/blanket between your feet and your buttocks.
  • To increase the stretch in your spine and side body, stretch out your arms and hands, up over your head, reaching forward. It's also helpful to open the upper body and shoulderblades. Make sure your neck stays soft.
  • For a visual aid check out our article on different Child Pose modifications.
Complementary poses
  • All poses work well before or after this pose as this is a lovely resting pose.
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Teacher: Esther Ekhart
Level: All Levels
Style: Yin
Duration: 30 mins

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