The Koshas

Explore the 5 Koshas (or ‘coverings’) and take a journey through the physical and energy body, exploring your feelings and emotions, thoughts and beliefs along the way.

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Kosha, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘sheath’ or ‘covering’, describes those elements of being which must be explored, welcomed, balanced and ultimately transcended in order to experience your true self. Explore the Koshas on and off the mat with James... 

In this five part programme for EkhartYoga members, James starts each class with a short talk followed by a Hatha yoga practice. Each practice is focused on sensing and uncovering each of the five Koshas from which to explore and journey to our innermost being. The journey could land you in the fifth Kosha - or 'soul body' - of joy, bliss and equanimity, and the stillness which animates it all. 

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