Chakra Series

Chakra Series

This program teaches you about the different chakras, what they are, where they are located and what asanas you can practise to stimulate or balance them.

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Release, awaken and energize your chakras

The 7 chakras are the main energy centres in our body around which energy flows. When a roundabout is blocked and doesn't run smoothly, you notice it in a lot of other places around those major points. So it's the same in the body; when one of the chakras or energy centres are blocked, it has an effect on the physical body and also emotional, mental and spiritual aspects that are associated with it.

Yoga can bring attention to the chakras and helps to release these blocks both physically and symbolically. This program addresses each of the seven main chakras in turn. You will learn more about each chakra and the qualities associated with it and practise yoga to support and stimulate each one.

What to expect?

Seven classes, each class focuses on one chakra individually. Classes are Hatha and Vinyasa Flow and are for all levels. You can expect Esther Ekhart's usual unique style of teaching, with loving flows and insights into the chakras. This program is available to all EkhartYoga members.


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