30/30 Yoga Challenge

30/30 Yoga Challenge

Join us for our 30/30 Yoga Challenge! Practice yoga for 30 days, 30 minutes every day, and increase your strength, improve your balance and firmly establish your regular yoga practice.

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30 minutes for 30 days 

Practise yoga online for 30 days and increase your strength, improve your balance and build a regular yoga practice!

What to expect

Each day we suggest a class of around 30 minutes. Day 1 is a core focus class, day 2 is a balance pose class and day 3 is about integrating this in a general/mixed class. Then we repeat this cycle throughout the 30 days. This progressive program will gradually get stronger helping you bring your practice to another level.  

Yoga styles - You can expect a mix of active styles like Vinyasa Flow plus some Yin or Restorative classes to give your body a rest while keeping up your challenge!
Your teachers - Classes are from a mix of EkhartYoga teachers

"A course like this keeps me open and learning, and saves the headache of making a decision ;) 
I met stretches, positions, explanations and teachers that I had not met before. They have been added to my knowledge and experience base that I am learning to tap into!" - Anthea

Who is it for?

This is a progressive program so it is suitable for all levels. We do build up to include some Level 2-3 by the end of the month, so you can expect it to be a challenging program. For that reason we don’t recommend it for Complete Beginners, if you're pregnant or recovering from illness or injury.

Remember to keep it fun, do what you can and practise for the joy of practising!