12 Days of Yoga Inspiration

12 Days of Yoga Inspiration

Gain some new perspectives on love, life and everything else. With 12 short, inspirational talks based on yogic philosophy with yoga classes to accompany them. 

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Yoga inspiration for a new perspective on life, love and everything.

In this program you will find 12 talks on themes from yoga philosophy such as the sutras, providing you with bite-size nuggets of yoga wisdom to digest during your day. 

Each talk is about a different yogic concept. They are designed to be short and sweet so that you can watch them at any time during your day.

You'll find an associated yoga class in the extra content section under each talk. Practising them will give you another way to think about these concepts. Reflection can often lead to new insights, energy and direction in life.

Who is it for?

This program is suitable for all levels and available to all EkhartYoga members

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