Crescent Pose / High Lunge  -Anjaneyasana

Step by step

  • Start in Downward Facing Dog Pose.
  • Inhale raise the right leg behind you and then exhale as you step the right foot forward between your hands.
  • Make sure the right knee is aligned above the right ankle.
  • Exhale ground through the feet, pull your lower abs in and up and inhale sweeping your arms out and up, palms facing towards each other
  • Bend your back knee a little, lengthen your tailbone down towards the floor, then extend through the back leg, opening and stretching through the sole of the foot. Open your chest and look up towards your hands. Draw your front ribs down into your torso, lifting your arms away from your lower back ribs.
  • Hold for five breaths
  • Exhale and bring your hands onto the floor by your right foot. On another exhale step your right foot back into a Downward Facing Dog pose.
  • Repeat with the left foot coming forward.

Beginners tips

  • Keep the back leg active and press firmly through the feet to help keep you steady in the pose. 
  • Think about keeping the hips low and level, facing the front.


  • Stretches hip-flexors.
  • Strengthens the legs and arms.

Watch out for

  • Be careful not to overarch your lower back. Keep your tailbone lengthened. If it feels uncomfortable come out of the backbend.
  • Try not to allow the front ribs to press forward. Draw them down into the torso.
  • Watch that the front knee is not bending into the big toe side of the foot. The knee should not come further forward than the toes to protect the knee.


  • Increase the back bend if it feels comfortable.
  • Hold the pose for longer or add dips bringing the back knee to hover just above the floor.
  • Transition into Warrior III pose by inhaling stepping the weight into the front foot and then on an exhale lifting the back foot to come into the pose.