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The team

Meet the people behind the scenes

  • Esther Ekhart yoga teacher and founder of

    Esther Ekhart

    Head Yogini

    Esther is the yogic brains behind EkhartYoga. During a meditation retreat in 2007 the idea of online yoga came to her and she and Bas started Esther spends her days creating new yoga classes and programmes, studying yoga, and answering your questions and comments.

    She teaches yoga workshops, retreats and regular teacher trainings all over Europe. 

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  • Bas Paul Ekhart Yoga

    Bas Paul

    Jack of all trades

    As one of the founders of EkhartYoga, Bas is involved with everything from filming / tech support / networking and even appearing in classes. As a carpenter by trade you can also find Bas knocking up meditation stools in his spare time.

    Bas loves hanging out with Esther and their dog Stip, and our visiting yoga teachers.

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  • minne lentz ekhart yoga manager

    Minne Lentz

    Operational management

    Minne is more of a runner than yogi, but she loves a challenge. She makes sure all our heads are in the same direction and everyone is in a good place. Minne loves making plans for scaling up EkhartYoga.

    She's also a typical mum with tote bags that are bottomless pits and hold everything from paracetamol to the odd snack!

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  • Kirsty Tomlinson Ekhart Yoga team

    Kirsty Tomlinson

    Content writer and editor

    Kirsty is the chief editor of the blog and works closely with Jenny. She writes and edits articles, develops programmes and assists Esther with all things yoga-related, as well as appearing in some of her classes. 

    Kirsty was one of Esther first teacher trainees and relocated to Holland from the UK to follow her dream of working for EkhartYoga and sharing her passion for yoga.

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  • Rotem Zur Ekhart Yoga marketing

    Rotem Zur

    Online & Email Marketing

    Marketing wizard by day, yoga teacher at night. 

    Mailchimp has no secrets for this yogini. Leave it with Rotem to set up campaigns and help spread the EkhartYoga word. Famously funny but a disaster with her email autocorrect ;)

    Rotem is also responsible for bringing kilos of lovely Israeli dates into the office.

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  • jenny-savage-ekhart-yoga-team

    Jenny Savage

    Content writer and editor

    Jenny is our copywriter and general back up from afar. She loves making yoga simple and accessible to everyone.

    Jenny has practised yoga since the early 1990's. She trained with Esther Ekhart in 2013.

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  • Stip

    The boss

    Stip is Bas and Esther's dog, though it's pretty clear who is in charge!

    Stip keeps us on our toes in the studio, making sure filming is always on track and deadlines are met.

    Outside of work Stip enjoys walks in the Dutch countryside and the odd bitterbollen or two.


  • fris team


    design & development

    Frismedia is a design agency with lots of creative people who love working on the EkhartYoga website. As a part of the team they advise and suggest innovations to make the user experience better every day. 

    After work the Frismedia team likes to go to concerts where they have mastered the art of drinking beer. Their motto is enjoy life and create beautiful things along the way.

    Mindfully crafted in Utrecht

  • Vixy Video

    Video management & video streaming

    VIXY is a software company focused on making your entire video streaming experience easier and better. The powerful online video platform allows us to upload new videos every day and to manage the ever-expanding library of thousands of classes, making sure they are the same high quality no matter what device you want to watch them on. EkhartYoga is one of VIXY's first and most valued partners.


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