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Session One: Meditation in Motion, Part 1

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Session One: Meditation in Motion, Part 1

In this session, Jill Satterfield introduces meditation from the Buddhist Vipassana tradition. By beginning the session with seeing things as they are a "checking-in" practice, you’ll notice how you come into your practice - how you are in body, heart, mind and breath. After practicing a guided meditation, Jill will lead you through her “Opening Sequence”. This sequence was designed by Jill to open the ‘root system’ of the body – the feet, legs and pelvis. By opening the root system, the rest of the body gracefully blossoms. By focusing on the feet, legs and pelvis, the energetic body is more grounded and the mind clear for the remainder of the practice and the rest of your day.

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Class by

Teacher: Jill Satterfield

Jill Satterfield

Teacher: Jill Satterfield
Level: All Levels
Style: Hatha, Meditation
Specific use: Breathing, Spiritual theme, Stress reduction
Duration: 45 min

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