200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Spain & Brighton, UK with Anna Sugarman

1 Week Immersion in Andalusia, Spain | 6 Weekends in Brighton, England | 200 Hours of Awesome | Elevate your practice and learn to guide others through classes that educate, inspire and inform.

Andalusia, Spain & Brighton, England


25 Apr 2020


15 Nov 2020

£ 2,800.00

This comprehensive course – including asana, meditation, pranayama, philosophy, inquiry, functional anatomy, and methodology – will provide you with tools to develop your curiosity, deepen your practice, find your voice as a yoga teacher, and use it compassionately, with integrity.

This course is for those desiring to create their own practice, for students who are ready to journey into teaching, and for existing teachers seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of Vinyasa flow and their instructing skills.

During our week immersion in stunning Andalusia, in beautiful places and magical spaces... Mornings begin with meditation and practice. Days are full of thorough study of the yoga postures, philosophy, methodology and more, taught by experts in the fields. Evenings conclude with practice and self-reflection. Healthy, delicious meals are prepared onsite, with love.

Six amazing weekends, in the heart of Brighton, provide pragmatic experience and study to assimilate and integrate new knowledge. The focus is on the individual voice – finding it and cultivating it by providing the practical knowledge and resources to make it effective.

In affirmation of the healing and preventative power of yoga as medicine – the study of asana-relevant anatomy is essential to our teacher trainings, including elements of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Riveting philosophy is sprinkled throughout the entire course, to showcase the relevance of the ancient science's texts, mantras and language to the modern practice and art of guiding.

We support each person in discovering their own practice, by helping define their truth, and nurturing that – as we believe it's deep-rooted passion which illuminates the joy that will maintain a strong self-practice, and the ability and authenticity to share it with others. 

Learn to incorporate the elements of yoga into purposeful sequencing. Practice teaching and receive feedback. Develop your skills and confidence. Discover your individual potential and unique voice as a teacher. Our creative approach in offering the technical, inspirational and business aspects of yoga will prepare you to shine your extraordinary light - on and off the mat.

Meditation. Pranayama. Asana. Philosophy. Anatomy. Music. 
Yoga Lifestyle — Prevention & Healing. Flow State. Union.

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