300+ hr Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training in Dubai with Julie Martin

Evolve your practice and teachings



05 Apr 2020


20 Jan 2021

AED 17,000.00

Move from a shape-based practice to a felt sense practice. Let go of old dogmas and linear rules to embrace an embodied practice.Incorporate modern movement principles that encourage individual exploration. Learn the history of yoga philosophy and it's importance in the modern yoga world

Immerse yourself into the depths of Movement, Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation, Anatomy, Chanting, Sacred Dance and more.

At Brahmani Yoga you will never learn a script or be told to teach only a certain type of sequence or asana style. Julie and all the Brahmani team will provide skills to equip you for the creative process as a teacher. Our ‘philosophical unfolding’ and ‘anatomical myth-busting’ classes stand in equal measure with the movement work. Yoga is about bringing wholeness to life - to be lived and to be present and to share that with others in a professional and open way.

What to expect

This course is a total of 30 days separated into 3 10-day modules over 12 months. There will be support systems set up in place in between modules including work groups and a private facebook group where we can keep up communication, help and inspiration.

Module one: April 5th to 14th 2020

Module two: Nov 22nd to Dec 1st 2020

Module three: Jan 10th to 20th 2021

It will include all the elements needed to become an informed and inspiring teacher. Through daily immersions into the depths of Movement, Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation, Anatomy, Sacred Dance and more you will unfold as a practitioner and learn skills to teach what you experience.

Evolve your yoga

The world of yoga is evolving and in the 25 years that Julie has been practicing and teaching she has seen so much change and different diversions. New information arises and many fractions begin to present it in different ways. Julie will guide you to begin to understand the evolution and focus on an embodied practice, moving away from the gymnastics that is often on offer. Bringing the practice back to the essence of what is important for us as beings, using movement that allows us to explore without the dogma that intimidates.

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