Adjusting Lower Body & Upper Body Yin Yoga Poses

Improve your adjusting skills and knowledge of how to use props for the lower and upper body yin yoga poses.

Austerlitz, Netherlands


01 Nov 2019


03 Nov 2019

€ 210.00

During this practical weekend you will have intensive practice of adjusting and using props for the 20 lower body Yin yoga poses. 

The weekend’s objective is to introduce, refresh and repeat the functions and accompanying cues of the lower body Yin yoga poses with their anatomical principles. Why is this so essential? The cues, principles and functions form the basis for teaching Yin yoga classes, and for providing personalised and creative adjustments for your current and/or future students; whose physical abilities will be individual and varied.

On Friday night (19:00 – 22:00h) we will go through the theoretical anatomical principles and concepts (lower body muscles, joints and movements), finishing with a one-hour Yin yoga practice, leaving you well-prepared for the practical weekend ahead. 

Saturday and Sunday (9:30 – 17:00h) will begin with a one-hour Yin yoga practice, to start your day in a Yin manner, and to recognise the functional descriptions and adjustments of the Lower Body poses. After a short break we will look at adjustments and prop usage for the 20 lower body Yin yoga poses, both individually as well as in small groups. 

You can follow the lower body Adjustment Workshop or the upper body Adjustment workshop separately or as a package:

Price for one workshop: €210,- 
Package price for workshop 1 & 2: €400,-

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