Align and Shine- Delicious Backbends

Learn all about backbends for in this weekend retreat with Sandra Carson

Zeeland, The Netherlands


24 May 2019


26 May 2019

€ 225.00

Backbends; love them or loath them? It all depends on how you practice them.

Backbending keeps your body and energy in good shape and your spine healthy. As we mature, we tend to do less and less extension of the spine (backbending) and because of this, yoga can greatly contribute to your health and wellbeing and creating balance.

Sandra Carson teaching backbends in a yoga classWhen you practise backbends regularly, they keep your spine flexible, strengthen your back muscles so your posture improves. Backbending keeps you young and energetic!

But backbending can also be very beneficial if you have back problems and even back pain. With the right technique and instruction to protect the vulnerable parts of your back, they will reduce back pain and bring better spinal health.

This weekend will be a combination of the technique and sensory experience, of science and spirituality. You will be offered 7 classes this weekend with solo practice and some partner exercises.

You'll have free time during the weekend which you can spend at the sauna, biking and/or going to the beach. You can also decide to hang out at the cozy fireplace at the retreat center. You are offered delicious vegetarian cuisine with fresh foods every meal.

For more information on the program, prices and registration, go to Fit Body Mind

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