Beautiful Psoas and Conscious Core - Madrid workshop

A weekend of exploring your psoas and core with Sandra Carson. Taught in English with Spanish translation 



21 Apr 2018


22 Apr 2018


Madrid yoga workshop with Sandra Carson Ekhart Yoga

In these weekend workshops, you will be introduced to your psoas, learn how through various easy exercises how to align your pelvis, access your psoas, move and live from your core!

The workshop is accessible to students of all levels, and it can be of particular interest to yoga teachers and students wanting to learn more about the effect of the psoas and pelvic alignment in yoga and vice versa.

In these workshops, you will learn:

How to feel and release your psoas
-What the tone of your psoas and determine the effect on your posture
-How to strengthen the different layers of your abdomen
-How to align your pelvis and low back in different asana
-How to strengthen and lengthen the psoas safely in your yoga practice
-About the role of the psoas on all levels of being – physiological, emotional and energetic levels
-How your psoas is intimately connected to your sense of stability, enjoyment and power

sandra carson yoga teacherIt is highly recommended to take all workshops together, if possible. The first workshop will be gentler and focused on breath and relaxation, the second will be more active and asana focused and the third will be a combination of asana, relaxation and meditation

The workshops will be taught in English with Spanish translation

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