“Begin Again” Yoga Retreat for Teachers & Brahmani Students

A time to reclaim ourselves, shut out the rest of the world in an absolutely stunning centre, on the gorgeous island of Ithaca

Ithaca, Greece
28 August - 3 September 2020
Price from
£ 1,095.00


Even the life of a yoga teacher can be frazzled and hectic. We all have stories swimming around in our heads about how we need to be doing more, or better, or even the stress of feeling like we should appear to be doing things effortlessly. We can end up in a state of expending more energy than we are allowing ourselves to receive. As with our computers and gadgets that need a good shut down when things aren’t working we also need to take time to Begin Again. To switch off the system and get a reboot. 

This is a retreat that I’m passionate about. I travel around the world and experience many yoga teachers and stressed out professionals who just need time to themselves, with their practices, in good company and allow some unravelling to happen. I created this week just for that. A time to reclaim ourselves, shut out the rest of the world in the absolutely stunning centre that is Itha108, on the gorgeous island of Ithaca. It’s one of my favourite places in the world! Just arriving feels like exhaling a breath you didn’t know you were holding. 

Each morning will begin with pranayama and meditation on the beautiful outdoor platform overlooking the sea under the protection of trees. We’ll move onto an asana based movement practice that will be explorative and curious throughout. This is not the time to get better at anything, it is time to continue to arrive in your body, return home and reclaim yourself. 

Beautiful brunches on the terrace overlooking the sea will be followed by plenty of free time to go to the beach, on hikes, or relax on the number of stunning terraces throughout the property. 

Afternoons we will reconvene for sessions that will change each day and include restorative practices, movement explorations, journalling and sacred dance. We’ll spend evenings enjoying dinner and relaxing with the amazing views, sharing stories and creative play time. One afternoon/evening we’ll spend exploring the other side of the island. 

If you’ve been looking to recharge your batteries and spend time in a stunning environment, amongst like-minded people then this is the retreat for you. While I’ve aimed it at teachers it is not a training and will be open to anyone who enjoys to work with the yoga practices in the way I present them.

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