Clarity Week with Taetske Kleijn in Sauerland, Germany

Join Taetske in this Clarity week that offers you eye-opening concepts that change the way you see yourself and the world. It will give you a new perspective on life that you will find exciting, encouraging and practical.        

Sauerland. Germany


16 Mar 2019


24 Mar 2019

€ 936.00

Clarity week at savita retreat centre ekhartyoga

In order to be free, we must stop identifying with the limiting experiences of our past and be genuinely open to the reality of Now. That means we must be willing to release certain aspects of our personality - formed in childhood - in order to make room for our true adult strength and freedom. Fear, tension and worry start falling away. Our breath becomes deeper and more relaxed. We become ready to enjoy ordinary moments more and more, feeling more confident and capable. 

You will leave this workshop with a clear view on how to become free from the hypnosis of the mind and get into the beauty and mystery of reality. You will also learn techniques, which you can use at home to intensify and continue your practice.

What can you expect?

  • Self-knowledge
  • Letting go of old tensions and beliefs that no longer suit you
  • Opening the senses
  • Being in touch with the here and now
  • Deeper relaxation, higher energy
  • Expanded awareness
  • Body consciousness
  • Joy, love, dance and meditation

Arrival is on Saturday, March 16th. We start with dinner at 6pm and an introduction in the evening. Departure is on Sunday, March 24th after breakfast.

You will get the most out of the workshop by going offline this week.

Costs per person

Includes accommodation in a single room with private bathroom, vegetarian meals, workshop and workshop material. 

Companies € 1116,-
Private persons € 936,-

How to book

You can use the form below to register your interest. Or visit Taetske's website for full details and to book.

About the Savita retreat centre

Savita is located in the Sauerland region in Germany, about 8 km from Winterberg. The house is situated on a mountainside, surrounded by forests, springs, streams. The air is exceptionally clean. All rooms are single rooms with a private bathroom and a south-facing balcony. Savita is run by a community of volunteers. This gives it a special homecoming atmosphere. Guests contribute by keeping their own rooms clean and some help with the dishes.

How to get there

You can get there by car or public transport. There are plenty of free parking spaces. The nearest airport is Dortmund, the nearest train station is Winterberg. Winterberg is also a Flixbus destination. On request, you can be picked up at the bus or train station in Winterberg.                    

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