Deep Rest Weekend with James Reeves

Two days to completely let go, surrender and experience yourself as being completely at ease.

Midhurst, UK


23 Nov 2019


24 Nov 2019

£ 160.00

Join world-renowned Yoga Nidra trainer James Reeves at the stunning Cowdray Hall in Midhurst, West Sussex to experience an event dedicated to the restless-you who needs nothing other than to be reminded that rest is something that happens all by itself, without you having to ‘get or ‘do’ anything special. 

We'll explore tools and insights to help you recover your natural ability to find ease, stillness and rest. The explorations will be simple so that after this event you will be able to easily integrate a quality of restfulness into your life, no matter how restless you’ve become. 

Cowdray HallYou will have the chance to participate in gentle movement, take deep rest in the form of an ancient approach to ‘doing nothing’, try out breathing practices specifically designed to activate rest, learn about and practise meditation through non-doing and silence, and explore the philosophies that underpin all these practices such as Yoga Nidra. 

All details can be found on the Restful Being website events page

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