EkhartYoga Teacher Training 2019 - 1 month intensive with Esther Ekhart

Imagine taking a whole month for yourself. In a beautiful, safe space, with no distractions, to learn more about yoga, yourself, philosophy and life in general. Does this sound good? Then this training is for you!

D’Alijo retreat centre, Portugal


04 Jun 2019


02 Jul 2019

€ 4,110.00

Find out about training with Esther Ekhart in 2020!

This 1-month intensive changes your life through accelerated learning. It will give you the space to relax deeply, form new habits and new friendships, develop confidence and get certified!

The teacher training consists of two parts

1.  1-month residential immersion

From June 4th to July 2nd, 2019 in Portugal in the beautiful D’Alijo centre. The first 5 to 6 days will be retreat style and focuses on self-development. You will have to hand in your mobile devices (only for the first 5 days). There will be a lot of silence and the focus is on restoring your energy and working on your concentration through meditations and self-practice. By the time we will really dive into teaching you to become teachers you will be rested, concentrated and your energy system coherent and ready to learn. 

2. Homework and follow-up sessions

After the intensive you have 6 months to complete your homework assignments. During these 6 months you will have one or two Skype meetings in groups with one of the teachers to keep you on track and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Bonus: The course also includes access to an online sequencing workshop with Esther Ekhart (8 hrs) and an online assisting workshop with Gilda Goharian (3 hrs).

Topics included during the 4 week residential:

  • Anatomy (30 hrs)
  • Techniques, training and practice topics (120 hrs)
  • Practice and teaching of asana, pranayama and meditation 
  • The proper alignment, benefits and potential risks of the foundational yoga postures
  • How to observe and see bodies
  • Refinement of your own yoga practice
  • Confidence through practice teaching
  • Finding your voice
  • Assisting and modification of poses
  • Class sequencing and planning
  • Yoga philosophy, lifestyle and ethics (40 hrs)
  • Personal development / Mindfulness techniques
  • The study of yoga philosophies and traditional texts (such as the Yoga Sutras, Samkhya philosophy, Vedanta and Bhagavad Gita)
  • Sanskrit names of the yoga postures
  • Yogic diet and lifestyle
  • Ethics and the business of teaching yoga
  • And much more ...

This 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course will give you the foundations to teach both Hatha yoga and Vinyasa flow. The course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals (formerly Yoga Alliance UK). 

I have chosen to work with both styles because you can adapt them for teaching different classes and student groups. This flexibility is key to the teacher training. Rather than give you a fixed way of instructing or set sequences to copy we're more interested in helping you find what style suits you and your future students best.

This Yoga Teacher Training is much more than getting to know the postures, it's also about freeing yourself from old bondages and allowing the true you to shine.

The schedule is intense but so diverse that time flies. You can count on lots of laughter and plenty of support, from the teachers, each other and the beautiful D'Alijo centre staff. To register, please send an email to me at esther@ekhartyoga.com, or through the subscription box at the bottom of this page. Read all about the teachers below and some testimonials from previous students.

We will accept up to a maximum of 27 participants to ensure that you get our full support and attention.

Come and join us and start your yoga teaching journey - the rewards are great and life changing! 

I look forward to spending lots of time with you.

Your teachers:

Esther Ekhart (Senior Yoga Teacher) will be your main teacher. Esther uses her intuition to know exactly what needs to be done and how to shape the training. Although she has a syllabus, she adapts it to the group. 

Tracey Cook will teach lots of the philosophy, pranayama and meditation. You can look forward to Tracey’s gentleness, presence and philosophical wisdom.

Gilda Goharian will teach the yoga classes, asana labs and teaching methodology shared with Esther. With Gilda, you can look forward to fantastically creative and challenging sequences.

Mohsinah Underwood will teach all the anatomy and more. With her, you will study anatomy not just so you can identify landmarks on a body but so that you can learn to engage with your body as your primary teacher, as your inner guru. You will learn what it means to be embodied.

Homework assignments

There is some required reading I would like you to do before the residential in June. We will send the reading list to you upon receiving your deposit. 

The homework after the residential (40 hrs) includes teaching friends and family (10 classes), observing a yoga teacher or teachers of your choice (10 classes), and making a short video of yourself teaching. You have up to 6 months after finishing the residential in July to complete your certification.

When you have done the teaching practice you will get access to the sequencing workshop with Esther Ekhart and the assisting workshop with Gilda Goharian. It is after having some experience with teaching and sequencing yoga classes that these begin to make sense. 
When all the homework assignments are well received and accepted you will receive your diploma.

This way you have all the benefits of an Intensive course, but also of a training over a longer period of time. You are able to grow in your new role as a yoga teacher, practise teaching to gain more experience and confidence before your final assessment and you will have time to do your homework.


The D'Alijo retreat centre is very comfortable and set in beautiful natural surroundings. The food is vegetarian and outstanding. They cater for specific diets if needed. Tea and coffee is always available. Visit the centre's website for lots of photos. We will help organise shared transport from Porto airport to the centre on arrival and departure days.

D'alijo yoga retreat centre accommodation


Esther Ekhart is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.
Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.
Name of school: Ekhart Yoga / RYS 200

Costs and accommodation options

All prices are in Euros.
1 month intensive training including training manual and 1 or 2 Skype meetings and the 2 extra online courses.

Per person (Includes three delicious vegetarian organic meals daily and the use of the retreat centre facilities): 

  • Shared accommodation 4 people   € 4110  (sold out)
  • Shared accommodation 2 people   € 4450 
  • Single occupancy                            € 4950  (shared bathroom with 2 other women) 

These prices do not include:
Your travel expenses to and from the Centre (we will help organise shared transport from Porto airport to the centre on arrival and departure days). Also excluded in the price are any extra food, drinks, treatments, massages during the four week intensive. Please read our Payment and Refund Policy

Entry requirements

You should have at least a minimum of two year regular yoga practice for this Yoga Teacher Training Course. You will not be expected to be able to do every pose but you are required to be in good health, physically and mentally as the training is intensive and demanding. Prior to the course, we will send you a short list of EkhartYoga classes for you to practise. This will ensure that you have the strength and stamina for the training.

Please read the Code of Conduct by which all Yoga Alliance Professionals Registered Yoga Teachers agree to follow; our Terms and Conditions, and our Grievance Procedure. We will send you copies of these documents following your acceptance on the training. 

To register / or for questions

To book please send an email to esther@ekhartyoga.com or use the box below. I will send you a registration form. I or one of my assistants/co-teachers will have a Skype chat with everyone who wants to register and we will chat about what the training involves and you can talk through any concerns or questions you may have.

What previous students say about the training with Esther Ekhart:

The Yoga Teacher Training with Esther Ekhart provided me with the structure and space to delve deeper into my yoga practice. I learned anatomy in a hands-on, interactive fashion; I learned new approaches to meditation and pranayama, and I learned how to teach Hatha Flow yoga—all within a supportive community of teachers and other trainees. I highly recommend this course to those who have loved the online classes at EkhartYoga.com, and who want to deepen their knowledge of anatomy, asanas, and the connection between body and mind. - Angela

A great investment on so many levels. More than how to safely and creatively practice and teach yoga, this training equipped me with the language and tools to communicate better with the people in my life, both on and off the mat. Under the often-challenging, but always wise & stimulating direction of the Ekhart team (Esther, Tracey, Jennilee and Gilda), I grew more as a yogi in those three weeks than in all the years I've been practising at home and abroad (online/studios/workshops, etc.). Maybe it was the total immersive nature of the course; maybe it was being away from everyday routines in such the safe sunshiny haven of Suryalila, surrounded by strangers who soon became solid friends; maybe it was the sunrise meditations and the sunset veggie feasts. (Ok, maybe it wasn't getting up in the dark for the sunrise meditations, because the morning struggle is real.) But it was a truly special experience, in terms of practice – learning about the anatomy of yoga (shout out to Jennilee for putting the 'om' in 'anatomy'), and how to safely & creatively cue and sequence poses (drawing on Esther and Gilda's encyclopaedic knowledge and experience) - and theory, understanding the WHY of it all (from our resident guru, Tracey). And then applying all that every day, teaching fellow students, followed by the practice classes at home with friends and family: it is so true that to really learn something you have to teach it! Plus, somehow, by showing up and doing the inner work* involved in this course, I became a better listener and developed a greater capacity for holding space* for people, which has made such a difference in my day-to-day life. (*Confession: I used to be the kind of person who would die a little inside whenever anyone used words like 'inner work' and 'holding space', but without having become all woo-woo New Agey or developing a synthetic fabric-softener yoga teacher voice, this training has helped me be a better version of myself.) Being around such great teachers, sharing their energy and soaking up how they embodied their teaching, as in actually practising what they were preaching, it makes a real difference. You are what you do. Doing this course was one of the best things I've ever done. Effortful? Frequently. Easy? The ease came with the effort. Worth it? Absolutely. - Audrey

I entered the teacher training with high expectations, as was familiar with Esther and the other teachers. Nothing prepared me for what I received though. I was supposed to deepen my practice and regain inspiration, but I left with eagerness to teach, share what I’ve learned and friends for life. The teachers are up to date with everything yoga, every doubt was carefully answered and I felt so respected and cared for. Even if you don’t even think about teaching Yoga, this program is an experience for life that I think everyone can benefit from. Extremely professional teachers with gigantic hearts. - Yara

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