Embrace the possible – yoga and The Work retreat

Experience the Powerful combination of Yin Yoga & “The Work”

Venwoude, The Netherlands
15 September - 18 September 2022
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Jose de Groot retreat

Do you long for some peace, me-time and a deeper connection with yourself? Would you like to release physical and mental stress? Are you curious about how you can embrace your life in freedom? Or do you simply want to be pampered? Then this fully catered four day ‘Embrace the Possible’ retreat, at the beautiful location Venwoude in the middle of the forest, is for you!

Experience the powerful combination of Yin Yoga and The Work, in which you learn to deal with stressful thoughts from a deep connection in the here and now, and to let go of physical and emotional tension. A valuable gift and directly applicable in your daily life. 

This retreat is about embracing all possibilities in your life, waiting to be discovered.

José and Jasmijn take you on a journey where peace, connection and insight are the key aspects. The journey consists of meditation, breathing, practicing yoga (Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Restorative Yoga & Yang Flow), walks in silence, receiving Reiki and surprising The Work exercises. Resulting in: peace in your body and peace in your mind!

There is also plenty of room for personal time, relaxation, laughter, reading, enjoyment and delicious pure food.  This program supports you to return home with a clear mind and an open heart. 

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