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Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher Training 2017 with Esther Ekhart

Hatha Flow Yoga Teacher Training 2017 with Esther Ekhart/Suryalila Retreat Centre, Villamartin (Cadiz)
When 28 Oct 2017 to 18 Nov 2017
Where Suryalila Retreat Centre, Villamartin (Cadiz), Spain

Are you ready to become a yoga teacher? Or are you looking to learn more about Yoga, yourself, life and the yoga philosophy?

To book please send an email to Jennilee or through the subscription box at the bottom of the page.

Esther Ekhart (Senior Yoga Teacher) will be your teacher for the full 21 days. She will be joined by 1 or 2 guest teachers from including Jennilee Toner who will teach the anatomy. Tracey Cook who will teach lots of the philosophy, pranayama and meditation. Gilda Goharian who will teach the yoga classes and asana labs shared with Esther. This 200 hour Teacher Training is accredited with Yoga Alliance Professionals (formerly Yoga Alliance UK).

The style of yoga we are going to cover in this course is Hatha Flow Yoga. I have chosen this because there is less of an emphasis on strength than styles like Vinyasa Flow and so it is more adaptable for teaching different classes.

Once we have this foundation it is then easy to add in variations and vinyasas between poses, as I like to, depending on people’s energy levels and abilities.  

This flexibility is key to the teacher training. Rather than give you a fixed way of instructing I am more interested in helping you find your own way.

The contact hours of the training consists of two parts...

1 Three week residential intensive from Oct 28th till 18th November 2017 in Spain in the beautiful Suryalila Retreat centre.

2 A long weekend from 8th to 11th March 2018 in the EkhartYoga studio, The Netherlands. 

Suryalila Retreat CentreThis way you have all the benefits of an Intensive, but also of a training over a longer period of time. You are able to grow in your new role as a yoga teacher, practice to gain more experience and confidence before your final assessment in March and you will have time to do your homework.

You will be given homework to do between the two training dates. At the March weekend, if you pass the assessment and you have completed all the assignments you can receive your diploma there and then. If you would like to take longer for the homework assignments you can take up to 9 months from the start of the residential in October.

Topics included during the 3 week intensive and the March weekend are:

  • Anatomy (25 hrs)
    Techniques, Training and Practice Topics (120 hrs)
  • Practice and teaching of Meditation and Pranayama 
  • The proper alignment, benefits and potential risks of the foundational yoga postures 
  • How to observe and see bodies 
  • Refinement of your own yoga practice 
  • Confidence through practice teaching 
  • Finding your voice 
  • Hands on assisting and modification of poses
  • Class sequencing and planning
    Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics 40 (hrs)
  • Personal development / Mindfulness techniques
  • The study of yoga philosophies and traditional texts (such as the Yoga Sutras, Samkhya philosphy and Bhagavad Gita)
  • Sanskrit names of the yoga postures
  • Yogic diet and lifestyle
  • Ethics and the Business of teaching Yoga
  • And much more ...

There will be time spent on personal development techniques. Since this is an intensive teacher training course, the training has the potential to bring up old pain and hurts that you may have not processed. I also believe this process may need to happen before you can become an experienced and genuine yoga teacher. When you know yourself and are able to look at and be with your own pain, you can safely guide others in the process of getting to know themselves. This Yoga Teacher Training is more then getting to know the postures, it's also about getting to know yourself!

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to get in touch with us.

The schedule is intense, but so diverse that time flies. You can also count on lots of laughter and plenty of support, from the teachers, each other and the beautiful Suryalila centre with staff.

We will accept up to a maximum of 25 participants to ensure that you get our full support and attention.


There is some required reading I would like you to do before the residential in November. We will send the reading list to you upon receiving your deposit. 

The homework (40 hrs) between November and March includes teaching friends and family, observing a yoga teacher or teachers of your choice, writing a short thesis and making a short video of yourself teaching. 

You have up to 9 months from the start of the residential in October to complete your certification.


Suryalila retreat centre is very comfortable. There are communal kitchens and washing machines to use. The food is vegetarian and outstanding. They cater for specific diets if needed. There is tea and coffee always available and there is a little shop for some extra treats and body products etc.


Esther Ekhart is a registered Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Our teacher training course has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Our graduates are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Name of school: Ekhart Yoga / RYS 200

Costs and accomodation options

The cost is split between tuition and accommodation. For the total cost of the training add together the tuition cost (€2250) plus the cost of your choice of accommodation. All prices are in Euros.

Tuition cost (Including training manual): €2250 incl. VAT

Accommodation per person (Includes three delicious vegetarian organic meals daily and the use of the retreat centre facilities): 

  • Twin: €1890 
  • Superior Single (Shared Bathroom): €2310 
  • Deluxe Single (Own bathroom): €2625 
  • Yurt (triple): €1575 
  • Small Dormitory (women only — shared with 3 others): €1470  
  • Large Dormitory (women only – shared with 7 others): €1365 
  • Bell Tent (twin): €1365 

These prices do not include:

Your travel expenses to and from the Centre. 
Your lodging and food during the March weekend
. Any extra food, drinks, massages during the three week intensive.

Please read our Payment and Refund Policy

Entry requirements

You should have at least a minimum of two year's regular yoga practice for this Yoga Teacher Training Course. You will not be expected to be able to do every pose but you are required to be in good health, physically and mentally as the training is intensive and demanding. Prior to the course we will send you a list of classes from the Ekhart Yoga website for you to practice, this will ensure that you have the strength and stamina for the training.

I, or one of my assistants/co-teachers will have a Skype chat with everyone who wants to register and we will chat about what the training involves and you can talk through any concerns or questions you may have.

Please read the Code of Conduct by which all Yoga Alliance Professionals Registered Yoga Teachers agree to follow; our Terms and Conditions, and our Grievance ProcedureWe will send you copies of these documents following your acceptance on the training.

To register / or for questions

To book please send an email to : using the box below

Jenilee will send you a registration form after.

Come and join us and start your yoga teaching journey—the rewards are great and life changing!

I look forward to sharing the magic of yoga with you.


What students say:

I can honestly say that this experience was one of the best of my life. At times it felt like being on a roller coaster and I experienced a huge array of emotions, but ultimately I knew I was in extremely safe and experienced hands. Esther is an angel – warm, funny, genuine and down to earth – not to mention an extremely gifted and inspirational teacher. Not only did I learn a huge amount in terms of my physical yoga practice, (along with the teaching of yoga, anatomy, meditation and pranayama, history and philosophy, alignment, adjustments, etc…..) we were also taught emotional ‘tools’ which I know I will use for the rest of my life. My fellow trainees were wonderful and I am hugely honoured and excited to be joining them on this incredible adventure. Love and ‘thank you’ again to you all. - Kirsty xx

Esther Ekhart’s yoga teacher training has been the best experience of my life. Her obvious passion for wanting to share the gift of yoga, along with her completely down to earth human nature, made the whole experience feel completely genuine and unlike any other yoga course I am aware of. I have learned so much about the different aspects of yoga, and more about myself than I thought possible through the training. After training with Esther, I feel completely ready and passionately excited to teach yoga to everyone and anyone! Honestly, whether someone is intending to teach yoga or not – I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to delve deeper in to yoga and in to themselves to take this course with Esther. - Emma

The yoga teacher training was wonderful, the teachers and fellow students were all so positive and supportive.  Although it was an intensive training I never felt under pressure.  The meditation and pranayama in the morning really energised me and kept me going.  The yoga classes always suited my body and mood as the teachers were so attuned.  Eventough I have been practising yoga for many years I learnt so much about alignment through these classes and the asana labs.  Esther and Sandra are wealths of information and were very generous in sharing all there knowledge.  They were quick to praise and bring out the best in all of us.  I never had much interest in the philosophy of yoga I just thought it was something I would have to go through as part of the course.  Esther and Sandra really made them relevant to real life which made them more accessible and interesting. 
The location, Suryalila, was super too.  It was in such a tranquil area surrounded by nature.  The staff looked after us very well and we got fantastic food made from the heart.  The good weather helped a lot too. 
I feel much more competent at teaching yoga now, but I feel excited about how much I still have to learn and experience.  My teachers and fellow students have inspired me and filled me with enthusiasm to continue on this great adventure.  Much love and deep gratiude to my teachers, fellow students and everyone else who made my experience possible.  - 

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