Julie Martin Workshops in Stockholm

Join Julie for two workshops and masterclasses in Stockholm.

Stockholm, Sweden
21 April - 25 April 2021
Price from
SEK 330.00


Join Julie Martin over the course of 5 days to explore movement and stillness in body and mind. 


9:00 – 11:00
Morning Masterclasses

Julie鈥檚 style of flow and curiosity, a practice for all those who are tired of showing up to merely make shapes. Join the Intelligent Rebellion and allow yourself to find a practice that feels authentic to you and your own body. These morning classes will explore different themes throughout the entire 5 days.

1:00 – 4:30
Language & ‘Alignment’ for an embodied practice – For teachers and regular practitioners

This 3 day event will take us through a journey to unravel outdated modes of communication and bring us to connect with more compassion, not only for our students but also ourselves. Day 1: How language effects the body, the nervous system and cultivates self beliefs. How a cueing based system in yoga perpetuates disempowerment, what words/phrases we need to stop using and how to begin that change. Day 2: If we鈥檙e not cueing, then what happens to alignment and structure? We鈥檒l go through how to help students find their own stability and structure without leaving them bewildered or confined. The breath and how we talk about it, cue it or not will also be discussed. Learn how to get students to explore with guidelines and cultivate trust in the classroom. Day 3: What is our self-talk? How the silent language we use on ourselves hi-jacks our brains and creates unconscious beliefs systems. We鈥檒l go through the limbic system in the brain and learn techniques and practices that free us from our mental patterns. We also take this information into how we communicate with everyone.

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