Level 2 Teacher Training in London

Immerse yourself into the depths of movement, philosophy, pranayama and meditation, anatomy, chanting, and sacred dance with Julie Martin. You will unfold as a practitioner, a teacher, and a yogi.

London, UK


19 Aug 2019


29 Aug 2020

£ 3,000.00

Modern Yoga

Julie Martin of Brahmani yoga is forging the way for yoga to evolve into practices that make sense for our bodies and allow us to find the connection to ourselves at a deeper level. This level 2 teacher training course will include all the elements needed to become an informed and inspiring teacher. Through daily immersions into the depths of Movement, Philosophy, Pranayama and Meditation, Anatomy, Sacred Dance and more you will unfold as a practitioner and learn skills to teach what you experience.

Evolve your Yoga

The world of yoga is evolving and in the 25 years that Julie has been practising and teaching she has seen so much change and different diversions. New information arises and many fractions begin to present it in different ways. It’s so easy to be confused these days. “What is yoga now?” “What isn’t yoga?” There is so much to take on board and it is often overwhelming. Julie will guide you to begin to understand the evolution and focus on an embodied practice, moving away from the gymnastics that is often on offer. Bringing the practice back to the essence of what is important for us as beings, using movement that allows us to explore without the dogma that intimidates.

As well as deepening your personal understanding, Julie places importance on interaction and feedback of information. You will be presenting and voicing your own experiences, telling your own stories and learning from them throughout the programme. Participants will learn to integrate skills and knowledge and make it applicable for teaching and personal growth. 

Julie's perspective

Julie’s passion for curiosity, questioning of the “norms”, plus a lifetime of practice led her to become a leading voice in the world of yoga. Having been brought up as a Vedantist and embracing asana later in life at 25 she learned that ultimately every practice, every scripture, every lineage was based on individuality, cultural aspects of the moment, opinion and perspective, and not necessarily useful or even meant for worldwide consumption. 

Embody the teachings

The emphasis throughout this course will be to ensure that all information becomes applicable for you as a practitioner and a teacher. The beauty of separating this course into 3 separate modules is that it gives you time to digest and experiment with the information gathered from each session. Julie offers tools so that you can work directly with the sequencing, philosophy, anatomical understanding and examine all the “why’s” and “why not’s”. 

Question everything!

There are no sacred cows here and everything needs to be questioned. There are reasons why we need to step back and look at what we inherited from the cross-cultural transmission of yoga and discover what is still useful and relevant for the modern practitioner and returning to a commitment to ourselves and our motivation for being a yogi and a yoga teacher. You will experience information in your own body as well as examine it from different perspectives. We let go of right and wrong and become explorers, without an agenda, discovering the map of our bodies, minds and deeper connection to life. 

Schedule and application details

This course is a total of 30 days separated into 3 10-day modules. Please come prepared for 8 hours of work per day.
The programme contains 265 contact hours and there is a minimum of 60 hours of pre-course homework.  325 Hours Total.

  • 19 - 28 August 2019
20 - 29 April 2020

  • 20 - 29 August 2020

To apply for this course please visit Julie's website Brahmani Yoga where you'll find further details and the online application form.

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