Living Yoga Advanced Teacher Training - Full Course or Individual Modules

An advanced teacher training with Lisa Petersen which seeks to make the mind embodied and the body mindful. Can be taken as a full 350 or 500 hours course or individual modules can be taken separately.

Dublin, Ireland


29 Feb 2020


16 Aug 2020

€ 3,600.00

Ready to Embody Your Yoga? This Training is for You!

Yoga is an embodied practice. Embodiment is a big word for a simple concept. In practice it means that we bring our attention back into our bodies in order to fully experience our selves.

In the words of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, embodiment is ‘the act of awakening and enlivening the consciousness of our whole being’.

In this philosophy, development is not a linear process but a series of waves, each one planting the seed for the next to take root and flourish. We offer you an extensive, accessible and embodied tool-kit for transformation that will sustain you for a life-time of learning.

We welcome qualified teachers from all traditions for one or more modules. We also consider experienced, committed and dedicated students who are not yet teachers.

Interested in our current Living Yoga Advanced Teacher Training (LYATT)? 

You can still book the following four day training modules from our 2019/2020 LYATT as individual study tracks.

  • The Nervous System - Saturday 4th – Tuesday 7th April 2020
  • The Vocal Body - Friday July 3rd – Monday July 6th 2020
  • The Fluid Body 2 - Friday July 24th – Monday July 27th 2020

Living Yoga Advanced Teacher Training 2020 - 300hr or individual modules.

Please visit Lisa's website for full details about the next round of teacher training starting in August 2020.

This training traces the evolution of human movement and directly maps it onto the practice of Yoga. It is artful, scientific, poetic, authentic, embodied, and practical in nature. We aspire to making it the safe place where you feel supported to dive deep and explore yourself in new ways. We like to have fun along the way. We enquire, we move, we play instead of work and we do a LOT of Yoga. Along the way, we befriend ourselves and others in new ways as we learn, grow and change together.

A common thread through all of the modules is the study of patterns. It is through patterns that learning becomes simpler and less complicated, as a single change can ripple through the body-mind-spirit. Working with patterns shows us what we are truly capable of when we get out of our own way, and how ease, grace, poise, strength and balance can be naturally restored with minimum effort.

From a nuts and bolts perspective, the course is built on the study of asana, vinyasa, pranayama, meditation and restorative yoga. Your learning is supported by somatic movement education, experiential anatomy and physiology, subtle-body anatomy, developmental movement patterns, functional movement, neuroscience, voice-work, lifestyle and ethics for yoga teachers, and teaching methodology. We map this knowledge directly and practically onto the practice of yoga and teach you how to move, practice and teach from this storehouse of wisdom.

Come Play! 

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Living Yoga Advanced Teacher Training

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