Living Yoga - The Breathing Body

An immersion with Lisa Petersen looking at 'What does it mean to befriend our breath and how can it help us in our practice and in our life?'

Dublin, Ireland


16 Feb 2019


19 Feb 2019

€ 500.00

Living Yoga is an embodied practice. Embodiment is a big word for a simple concept. It means that we bring our attention back into our bodies in order to fully experience ourselves. It is ‘the act of awakening and enlivening the consciousness of our whole being.’ -Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

In this immersion, we dive into the anatomy and physiology of breathing as it relates to yoga. We explore the dance of the diaphragms in dynamic asana and vinyasa as well are restorative yoga. We introduce our map for postural analysis and refine touch skills. We lay the foundation for all movement as it relates to breathing. 

This immersion can be taken on its own to evolve your practice or in conjunction with other modules of the Living Yoga Advanced Teacher Training as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). 

Suitable for qualified teachers from all traditions and for experienced, committed and dedicated students with a practice of 5 years or more.

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