Modern and Evolving Yoga Practices - understanding the changes

A 3 day intensive for yoga teachers to expand your knowledge and practical skills to reflect an evolved yoga practice.

Reykjavik, Iceland


06 Sep 2019


08 Sep 2019

ISK 52,900.00

The world of yoga is changing constantly and it can often feel like trying to keep up with a whirlwind. Julie Martin is passionate about bringing new information to life in an inspiring and useful way, allowing teachers to integrate it into their classes with confidence.

The Brahmani Yoga motto is: Inform, Inspire, Empower, and Julie is excited to return to Iceland again and share her love of embodied movement.

What to Expect

Each day will include 

  • Full movement/asana masterclasses in the mornings from 10am -12noon, with guided meditations
  • Afternoon sessions from 1pm -5pm will be structured as follows:

Developing a long-term relationship with your body

Investigating stability vs. structure, mobility vs. stretching & moving vs. static
We are always in relationship with our bodies and when we begin a conversation of curiosity we can let go of patterns and old ideas about ourselves. We can discover this through negotiation, being in conversation with the breath and learning the difference between a physical action and awareness of action.

Stability vs. Structure

Stepping away from traditional alignment and using it only as a frame of reference we can guide people to find stability within their individual experience.

Mobility vs. Stretching

One of the most common problems with people injuring themselves in yoga is due to overstretching affecting the stability of the joints. Learn how we can find mobility through the way we move and create a healthy strong and mobile body without stretching.

Moving vs. Static

In many traditions asanas have been presented as shapes to hold for longer periods, but when we learn more about the response in the nervous system and invite the body to investigate movement within a shape we can find an equilibrium within each pose.

Looking at old alignment principles and how to update them

Why were alignment principles there in the first place? We look at what is useful and what no longer is. We will learn how to translate useful alignment into new movement principles. Dropping our old teaching cues and finding a new language that helps translate sensation and gives the practice back to the student. Together with Julie, explore how to successfully guide students to understand that their body is the vehicle by which they feel and experience and help them get beyond what they “think”.

Embodiment, Somatics, Proprioception, Interoception, conscious awareness

What do these terms really mean, why are they important and is it still yoga? Together we start looking at the layers of the yoga practice and how to move away from shapes and stretching and towards guiding a sensing and feeling experience incorporating new movement principles. We explore how our bodies work in communication with the nervous system and its role in re-patterning movement and relationships.

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