Mystical India

Join us on a trip to some of India’s most amazing spiritual places. Practise yoga and meditation on the banks of the sacred Ganges

Rishikesh, Haridwar, Varanasi, Vrindavan, India


28 Feb 2019


09 Mar 2019

€ 1,250.00

Join us on a trip to some of India’s most amazing spiritual places. Practise yoga and meditation on the banks of the sacred Ganges, meet with sadhu’s, visit ancient temples, meditate in sacred Himalayan caves and dive deep into the wonders of Yogic India—most of them off the tourist track. 

  • Guided by: Arjuna van der Kooij & Afke Reijenga
  • Assisted by Nienke Schipper-Pauw

Travelling through India with us will make you feel safe, comfortable and provided with anything you need. Transport, accommodation and meals are arranged for you, saving a lot of hassle, stress AND money. The travelling schedule looks intense but there will be enough time for peaceful reflection and to let our experiences sink in. We will sleep in beautiful places; sometimes more basic, sometimes more luxury but always with the authentic Indian atmosphere. It is not a luxury retreat, it is not a shopping experience and not a sightseeing tour. We invite you to dive deeper and you will have a trip that you will never forget.


Day 1: Arrival in Delhi

You will be welcomed at the airport and will go to a quality hotel in Delhi with a great rooftop terrace. The next morning we take a train at 6.30 AM. It is recommendable to arrive one day earlier in Delhi so you have some time to settle down. 

Day 2-5: Rishikesh

In Rishikesh we will practise outdoor yoga at different spots, attend beautiful Pujas (ritual offerings) and take sacred dips in the Ganges. We meet with sadhus and will meditate in a special cave. We will take a 4-hour raft trip on the Ganges river. 
We are very lucky this year as Sri Mooji will be back in Rishikesh, so we will visit his Satsang. 
During this trip, we will have one full-day-off in Rishikesh for you to relax or discover the area. 

Day 6. Haridvar

Haridwar is a famous pilgrimage place that means “Doorway to God”. In Haridvar we attend an ancient evening ritual at the Ganges, we have dinner in an authentic Indian hotel and take the night train to Varanasi. 

Day 7-8 Varanasi

Varanasi is the most ancient city in the world, where the dead are cremated on the river ghats of the Ganges. We will discover this sacred area by boat, do little offerings and experience holy pujas to honour the river Ganges. In the early morning we will enjoy the serene silence during a sunset boat ride which is a mystical experience. 

Day 9-10 Agra & Vrindavan

We have lunch in a very luxury hotel in Agra on our way to Vrindavan. In Vrindavan we check in the MTV ashram which is a beautiful and Krishna devoted resort. We visit the Iskcon Temple, play kirtan in the evenings, visit beautiful temples and rituals and discover the market streets. 

Day 11 Vrindavan 

Morning time closing ceremony. Departure to Delhi. Some like to go via Taj Mahal to Delhi airport. 

Price and booking information

Investment: 1250 euro 

Includes daily yoga and meditation, breakfast, lunches and dinners, all transport and accommodation and all entry fees.

Excludes flight, visa and insurances.

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