Myth & Asana Workshop with Irina Verwer

Courage, Stillness and Growth in a Myth & Asana Workshop in Zürich with Irina Verwer.



01 Nov 2019


01 Nov 2019

CFH 55.00

Sometimes, life throws some obstacles on our road, asking us to make big decisions and steps - even though we might not feel entirely ready to make them. These ‘demons’ in our life can offer us great insights and an opportunity to grow, if we are willing to look at them with loving attention.

In this workshop, you’ll do just that. You’ll be guided through a beautiful and medicinal myth, a journaling session and a sweet yet strong yoga practice. Through this, you’ll be able to dive deeper within yourself, to explore what works in your life and what it is that could use some tweaking. You’ll get clear answers on what it is you need to listen to your intuition and live an authentic life. Whatever your personal demons are, no matter if they’re big or small, this workshop will help you to find your center, to restore, and to find the tools you need in order to move through this world courageously.

This workshop will be taught by Irina Verwer, who has a deep passion for both yoga and myths.

For more information on this workshop and the location please visit Mala Yoga 

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