Pelvic Power- workshops for women

Practices to connect to your place of power!

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


02 Feb 2019


03 Feb 2019

€ 115.00

Stress release - Pelvic awareness - Core strength - Circular and feminine movement

Sandra Carson in Saddle poseYour pelvis is the centre of your being! It is the centre of your physical body, transferring the weight from your torso into your legs. It is also the home of your base chakra and the second chakra, which are linked to your feeling of relaxation (through safety) and delight. Your pelvis is a container for energy. When this energy gets stuck (in the form of tension), it will literally pull your body out of balance and cause misalignment in your spine and/or legs. So many nerves are located in your pelvis that it is often referred to as “your second brain”. It is the place of intuition and power. 

And yet, where we are with our attention, is not in the pelvis, but in the head. A flower can only fully bloom when the roots are taken care of, and we can only evolve and grow when we stay connected to our centre. 

In these workshops, you will get a taste of how your pelvis determines your posture, how you can start to relax your pelvis more, activate your core power and learn to feel more. 

  • Saturday 10-12.30 - Release and Relax       13.30 - 16.00 - Grounding and Delight
  • Sunday 10- 12.30 - Feminine Core                13.30 - 16.00 - Pelvic Pulsation and Integration

You can expect a juicy asana practice and breath work that will make you feel alive and vibrant with energy and at home in your pelvis!


€115 for both days or €67.50 for individual days


Club yoga Leeuwarden 

Westersingel 2f, 8913 CK Leeuwarden

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