Return to Centre, Return to Ease Yoga Retreat

Join Julie Martin for 5 days of embodied movement, meditation, stillness and creativity

Orada, Portugal


17 Apr 2019


22 Apr 2019


Yoga studio with a view in Orada Portugal

Even with our regular practices, life can feel off balance. We’re always looking to find the right equilibrium between doing and being. Easier said than done in a culture that emphasises effort. 

During this delicious retreat, Julie will take you through practices, moving and still, creative and spacious to help you navigate your way back to centre, back into balance with yourself.

This isn’t just about 5 days of nourishing yourself it’s about taking away tools and ideas that will help you continue the process once you’ve left so that the vibration you cultivate for yourself continues to echo into the rest of your life. 

Julie loves integrating asana/movement, meditation, observation and curiosity, writing, dance and more to weave into a process of unfolding the unwanted stress and expectations and move towards clarity and alignment with ourselves. We all deserve to be centred and nourished so that we can nourish others around us and let that bleed out into the world. Through exploration, discussion and community we’ll examine what we feel holds us back and invite new perspectives and practices to move into a space of self-communion, coming home, tuning in and finding presence. 

Each day will unfold with a meditation, movement practice in the morning. Time for reflection during the afternoons. We convene again in the late afternoon for dance/writing/discourse/stillness/creativity. 

Bookings and details

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