Self-care and Self-love Yoga Retreat for Women

Take some time out to connect with your self again on this self-care and self-love retreat with Irina Verwer in beautiful Bali

Ubud, Bali
20 June - 26 June 2021
Price from
鈧 1,500.00


So often in our daily life, we鈥檙e busy doing.

Maybe you鈥檙e working too much, or you鈥檙e always caring for others without taking care of yourself, or maybe you are being overly critical and harsh towards yourself.
All of this might leave you feeling like you鈥檙e just a head walking around, detached from the rest of your body. Or maybe it makes you feel overwhelmed, tired, or just not living your deepest desires.
Whatever the case, this retreat is for you.
In this Self-care & Self-love Retreat, you鈥檒l connect with your self again.

Through the daily classes, the Agnihotra fire ritual, a beautiful purification ritual, a delicious treatment, a trip to Mount Batur, visiting the hot springs, and a Balinese offering class, you will find the space you need to let go of what is no longer needed in your life, to restore, to invite nourishing habits into your life and to live from an authentic, centered place.

You will be guided through daily yoga and self-care classes that鈥檒l help you to get back in touch with yourself in no time. This will help you to know what to do and when, so you can make decisions from an authentic place.

All of the classes combine a physical yoga practice with meditation, journaling, myths, and Ayurveda, leaving you feeling nurtured, calm, and inspired.
At the end of this retreat, you will feel in connection with yourself and the world around you. More importantly, you鈥檒l have the tools you need to keep this connection alive!

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