Self Empowerment Through Yoga 4-day Workshop

The rise of self doubt, lack of worth and shame in the yoga world seems incredible and yet it is there. This is a call to return to yourself, to the practices that felt like home from the start, to your ability to be empowered through what you cultivate b

Kiel, Germany


14 Aug 2019


17 Aug 2019

€ 380.00

This four-day workshop is ideal for students and teachers and anyone who is looking for internal growth through yoga.

What happened to our inner call to slow down and be integrated with ourselves? We've been whipped up into a frenzy of right and wrong, traditional vs. modern, this school of yoga against that school, sporty yoga against soft yoga, us vs. them.

When did it become ok to be judgemental about being non-judgemental? One of the comments I hear most as I travel around the world is: "I don't know if I fit in the yoga world anymore". But perhaps it's a question of "Do I want to fit in the yoga world anymore?" Have we lost community or sangha? Have we allowed ourselves to feel disempowered by what we see happening in the yoga world?

This is a call to return to yourself, to the practices that felt like home from the start, to your ability to be empowered through what you cultivate by looking deep within regardless of what anyone sees from the outside. When we truly look at ourselves vulnerability arises and this can be extremely uncomfortable in the current climate of, not only yoga but, the world.

This workshop is about examining how we can re-inspire ourselves to own our practice with confidence. Giving ourselves permission to be exactly who we are as people, yogi's, students or teachers. Not just on our mats but in our lives. Much of the Yogic philosophy is rooted in compassion, non-judgement and non-harming. We need to weave that into a daily relationship with ourselves. Yoga is not ultimately about a practice, it's about how we show up as human beings, for ourselves, for others and our communities.

What to expect

Julie will use movement/asana exploration, somatic meditation, group discussion and sharing, writing, sacred dance and more to unlock our fullest potential and reclaim ourselves in each moment.

09:00 - 11:00 - Morning Masterclass Sessions

Each morning we will start with a movement and meditation practice that is based on personal development. Letting go of self-judgement and discovering what arises in the body. Through the movement of energy and somatic meditation, we will tune into a sensory practice that allows us to open up from the inside, physically, mentally and emotionally.

13:00 - 16:30 - Afternoon Sessions

In the afternoons we'll address what causes our disconnection and discover how we can re-connect and re-empower ourselves. Exploring our authenticity and express it through writing exercises, movement/dance explorations, discussions, active listening and contemplation.

Looking at how the nervous system responds to our experience of being judged, shamed or feeling disconnected we can integrate movement and stillness to help us feel whole again. We will also be working with meditation and pranayama techniques as well as addressing the philosophy behind the practices and utilising this wisdom.

Each afternoon will be different and will include question and answer periods.


Full workshop €380
Morning sessions only €35 per class
Or all 4 masterclasses €120


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