Somatics Exercise Coach Training with Lisa Petersen

A 10 day training split across 4 modules

Manchester, UK


10 Jul 2020


12 Feb 2021

£ 1,250.00

Somatic Movement Education (in the tradition of Hanna Somatics) offers a safe, fast and profound way to release and recalibrate tight muscles by retraining the nervous system and re-patterning the soma (body-mind). 

This 10 day training unites modern neuroscience and ancient yogic wisdom within the practice of Somatics. Learn how to make the unconscious conscious and feel how everything becomes easier and pain free from your head to your toes. For many movement teachers and students, it is quite simply love at first sight! 

A certified SEC is qualified to teach a wide range of somatic exercises confidently and professionally, has displayed competency in diagnosing somatic patterns, and is capable of prescribing exercise programs to groups or individuals. 

SEC Training is suitable for students and teachers of yoga and pilates, athletes, dancers, bodyworkers, physio and massage therapists, psychotherapists, GP's, mindfulness teachers and anyone interested in functional movement. 

This training is also suitable for people who are not looking to teach Somatics, but are simply interested in realizing their personal movement potential and healing the body-mind. SEC certification is gained with the completion of three modules and attendance at a one day assessment.

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VENUE The Mechanics Centre, 103 Princess Street, (Major Street Entrance), Manchester 1N6DD 

TRAINING DATES Module 1: July 10th - 13th 2020 (4 Days) 
Module 2: September 25th - 27th 2020 (3 Days) 
Module 3: November 21st - 22nd 2020 (2 Days) 

Integration and Competency: February 20th - 21st 2021 (Attendance is only required at a half day of the integration and competency dates.) 

WORKSHOP TIMES 10.00am – 1.00pm and 2.30pm – 5.30pm each day 

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Photo thanks to - Lee Baxter

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