Summer Yoga and Reiki Retreat

Experience a profound transformation during 8 days with Yoga & Reiki and other spiritual practices in the beautiful nature close to Barcelona.

Gaiá (Barcelona)


20 Sep 2019


27 Sep 2019

€ 860.00

Summer yoga and reiki retreat

During the retreat, you will practise meditation (morning & evening), Vinyasa Yoga (morning) and Yin Yoga combined with Reiki (afternoon). Each session is specially designed to stimulate the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being, leaving you feeling reconnected with yourself and reborn at the end. 

To personalise, deepen or discover your spiritual practice, we've added as well a Reiki 2 Course and a Yoga Personal Adjustments Workshop. Allowing you to apply it in your personal life and practice.
Being a retreat with limited places, these workshops will be highly individualized.

The retreat is open to everyone. It is not necessary to have practised Yoga before, but it is necessary to have done Reiki 1 course prior to the retreat. If you haven’t done Reiki 1 course, you can follow the course in the Netherlands or in Spain prior to the retreat. Please contact Jordi Ibern for more information about Reiki 1 courses.

The classes are taught in English and Spanish. We also speak Catalan and Dutch.

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For reservations, complete program and questions, please contact José using the contact box below. 
Or check José’s website for all her retreats and workshops.

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