The Island is Calling - A Freestyle Yoga Adventure

Join the Mark Freeth and the Freestyle Yoga Project for a weekend of pure, unadulterated movement in the gorgeous setting of Godshill Park Barn on the glorious Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight, UK


13 Mar 2020


15 Mar 2020

£ 120.00

Accommodation to die for, sumptuous food and fabulous scenery - what’s not to like? Open to non-residents and residents alike.

Mark Freeth will lead you on a merry dance through the classes he offers as part of Freestyle Yoga Project World. There will be five workshops: Friday evening until Sunday afternoon which will include gentle ‘Mellow Yellow’ sessions, strong ‘Move On Up’ fare and of course, the superhero-like ‘FYP Groovers’!

On top of that, we will investigate stick mobility work, locomotion skills and the beginnings of handstands!

Mark Freeth

You will walk away brimming with new ideas and feeling supremely energised! If you’re not already, Mark will improve your strength, stamina, endurance, agility & mobility. Anyone from any physical discipline is welcome. Bring an open mind, sense of humour and a mask & cape.

THE FREESTYLE YOGA PROJECT. Energetic. Thrilling. Funky. A 21st century approach to dynamic yoga & movement. FYP believe you should work in different ways ALL the time.

Many people come to us wanting to ease stiff bodies, find more flexibility in overworked hamstrings/joints - the elusive touching of toes. YES - the practices Mark and the FYP teaches can help with all of that! But what about thinking outside the box? Our take on yoga is probably unlike anything you’ve come across before. An all-round form of physical exercise, which might make you ditch your other ‘stuff’!

The diverse ways we move and groove means you'll challenge yourself in different ways. Be it a mellow flow, familiar yoga positions, through locomotion work to pole work, handstands, hanging from bars, jumping, crawling & rolling! We’re going to ask you to try things you’ve never considered before. We want you to step up to the edge, peer over it, take a deep breath and maybe set yourself another edge, maybe not today…maybe not tomorrow… but soon, very soon. We look forward to working with you! Take a look at Mark's online classes here on EkhartYoga and our YouTube channel, Freestyle Yoga Project TV, if you want a taste of this weekend.

More info and booking:

The weekend runs from 6pm 13 Mar 2020 to 2pm 15 Mar 2020.
Shared en-suite rooms or single en-suite rooms are available.

Prices start from £120 (depending on room type). This includes all workshops, accommodation, supper Friday and Saturday nights, and hearty brunch Saturday and Sunday.

Travel to the Isle of Wight and taxis transfers are not included in the price.

For the latest prices and to book your space, please contact Godshill Park Barn directly. 

The venue: 

Godshill Park Barn is a bespoke yoga retreat venue in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Five-star bedrooms, rural vistas, beech woodlands, shepherd's huts and hobbit houses. Fabulous vegetarian menus and over six years experience in offering retreats to movers and motivators in the yoga community. 

The Isle of Wight is really very easy to travel to and the ferry journey allows you to put your feet up and enjoy a cup of tea and take in the Solent views and takes only 20 minutes as a foot passenger on the fast cat.

Travel as single person is cheapest by train or bus direct to Ryde Esplanade via Portsmouth, or to Cowes via Southampton, where you can be picked up by a taxi and transferred to the venue. Godshill Park Barn are happy to help with travel bookings. 


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