The Skeletal Body & Yoga

What does it mean to embody bones in a Yoga practice and how can they help us?

Dublin, Ireland


27 Jul 2019


04 Aug 2019

€ 500.00

The first part of this workshop (days 1 - 4) explores our vertical axis and how to develop spinal integrity. It offers a tool-kit to help you understand your unique structure.

We will study how to use the spine in an optimal way to support ease-ful, resilient Asana and how to maintain a healthy spine throughout our lives. This also includes the study of the pelvis, embryology and a spinal clinic.

In the second part of the workshop (days 5 - 9), we investigate how our feet, hands, arms and legs relate to the spine and to each other in Asana.

We will inquire how to use our limbs in an intelligent, balanced way and how to troubleshoot common conditions. We will continue to develop an awareness of pathways of weight in the legs and arms and the importance of the pelvic and shoulder girdles.

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