The Thinking Body - Somatic Movement Training

A ten-day professional training in Somatic Movement Education (SME) with Lisa Petersen. Learn how to recognise stress responses, how they affect you and what to do to create lasting change.

Dublin, Ireland


05 Jul 2019


02 Mar 2020

€ 1,450.00

The body has three primary stress responses that hijack our posture and movement patterns. These responses are hardwired into unconscious neuromuscular reflexes. This training will teach you to recognise these reflexes, understand how they affect you and what to do to create lasting change.

Somatic Movement Education (SME) offers a safe, fast and profound way to release and re-calibrate tight muscles by retraining the nervous system and re-patterning the Soma (body-mind).

This training unites modern neuroscience and ancient Yogic wisdom within the practice of Somatics.

Learn how to make the unconscious conscious and feel how everything becomes easier and pain-free from your head to your toes. For many movement teachers and students, it is quite simply love at first sight! 

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The training consists of four modules spread out over one year.

Please visit the Living Yoga website for the complete training brochure and application forms.

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