Vanda Scaravelli inspired yoga with Helen Noakes

Explore freedom, spirals and space in this long weekend at a beautiful eco retreat in Scotland.

EcoYoga retreat, Scotland


23 May 2019


27 May 2019

拢 650.00

The unique point to this approach to Hatha yoga in the spirit of Vanda Scaravelli is that there are no methods to this teaching. Like Love itself, Yoga has a texture. When we can immerse ourselves into our own personal sensations, and pay attention to them, then there is space for spontaneous and loving movement to emerge. This means that the body can respond in the form or waves or spirals. This can be relaxing on a deep level, therefore there is also space to dive into our tension with the idea of softening rather than fighting it!
We are the vessel for our own inner ocean, so our watery selves get a real chance to release, relax and our body feels a deep sense of freedom.
This will be a seminar of exploration and enjoying our bodies unfolding in postures alongside breath awareness.
Our feet will be the main focus as a tool for unravelling unwanted tension in our bodies.

Special focus - Vitality and the spine

We will tune into the spine and its relationship to the rest of the body and overall health.
We will explore breathing exercises that awaken the intelligence of the spine.
To close this seminar we will enjoy exploring Egyptian Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar) alongside some Somatic exploration for spinal release.

Prices and bookings

Total: £650 - fully catered

The total price shown comprises the accommodation and meals cost (£550.00) plus the yoga teacher's fee (£100.00). This is the total cost of your retreat.

When you book this retreat you pay only for the accommodation and you pay the yoga teacher separately when you arrive here. Keeping these payments separate allows us to keep costs to a minimum.

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