Yin Yang Training - 5 Elements Module

An experiential two-week journey with David & Mirjam through the 5 Elements

Ibiza, Spain


28 Sep 2019


12 Oct 2019

€ 2,350.00

This two-week module is part of David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner's Yin Yang Yoga Advanced Training Module Program

The Five Elements 

Using the qualities of the 5 Elements from nature, this module goes through Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space on and off the mat. We distinguish between common ways to look at the elements; Nature, Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda and how Yin and Yang practices can be applied to keep them in balance. 

This training is very experiential and includes emotional as well as physical work. With a variety of experiences, you will spend time observing yourself and others to see where elements may be deficient, excessive or in balance. These Yin Yang Yoga Teacher Training Courses are structured to support yoga teachers, therapists, and body-workers in deepening their understanding of the art and science of teaching Yoga with a balanced approach. 

Our Advanced Training Module Program has four rotating themes, each with a variety of Yin & Yang practices (see below for details of the other modules). Each two-week module has a physiological and yogic theme that relate to each other although each module is independent of the others. You can take the modules in any order and in any time frame that fits with your life. 

All two-week modules include: asana (Yin & Yang), functional anatomy, applied philosophy, meditation & mindfulness, interactive experiences, devotional singing, personal growth exercises, teaching experiences, interactive lectures, group work and individual homework

This residential two weeks includes wonderful fresh meals, shared housing in Can Cesar, a converted family home.
There are a variety of rooms from 2-4 people and the house is located just at the sea in a residential neighbourhood of Santa Eularia, Ibiza.

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Prices start from €2350 

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Other modules in this training

Physical Body Focus 

Exploring bones & muscles joint by joint, we look closely at the body and learn about specific issues that may arise in each joint from the physiological perspective. We address many key issues in the musculoskeletal body to see if Yin and/or Yang practices are most appropriate. We focus on the art of asking questions, listening to symptoms and modifying practices for a therapeutic approach.

Organs & Meridians 

This module includes key organs by looking through the lens of Western & Eastern medicine. We address the physical, emotional & energetic connections of each organ and its impact on overall wellbeing. In looking at the organs this way, we explore whether they are functioning well, depleted or overworked and offer appropriate practices to keep the organs in balance. Through the Yin Yoga practice, we look at the meridian lines associated with each organ and discover how to use Yin poses to nourish and maintain healthy organs through these energy channels. 

Respiratory System & Pranayama / Digestive System & Bhakti Yoga 

How do we breathe? What happens in the body to make this life-giving action happen and what do we need to keep the respiratory system healthy and balanced? We address these topics from the anatomical perspective. While looking through the ‘Yogic Lens’ we will experiment with a variety of Pranayama exercises and techniques to study the effects of altering the breath. What happens to our food when we eat? Exploring the digestive system in detail gives a new perspective on what amazing functions the body performs to transform food into fuel. We will learn some basics about digestion and practice Yin & Yang poses that support the health of this magical system. Bhakti Yoga invites us to use our voices and breath with lots of singing and supports both the respiratory and digestive systems. 

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