Learn to apply anatomy practically to Yin & Yang Yoga

Learn how to practice yoga functionally with functional alignment.

Utrecht, Netherlands
27 October - 31 October 2020
Price from
鈧 375.00


鈥 Have you ever wondered why you can鈥檛 do a certain yoga pose, even though you have been practicing it for a long time?
鈥 Have you injured yourself practicing yoga even though you have applied alignment?
鈥 Do you want to understand and get to know your body in a fun and practical way?
鈥 Do you want to adapt your yoga practice to your body?

Then this workshop is designed for you! 

In this workshop you will learn how to practice yoga functionally with functional alignment. Which means that you are not adapting your body anymore to the pose trying to look like your teacher or other students in the class, but you will adapt the pose to your body in order for it to be beneficial for you. This will mean you鈥檒l look very different from others externally, but you will feel great internally.

In order to achieve this, you will study the basic anatomy of the body and understand how your unique body functions 鈥 which is essential for a functional yoga practice. You will then know how you can strengthen, stretch and move your body in a safe and non-injurious way.

The anatomy is taught in a practical and fun way, enabling you to recognise and apply it directly into the guided Yin-Yang Yoga class at the end of each day.


鈥 Functional Anatomy (whole body, joints and the range of motion)
鈥 Skeletal Variations (whole body)
鈥 Target Areas & Muscle Groups
鈥 Posture Analysis (Functions, Adaptions and Props Usage for Yin & Yang Poses)
鈥 Daily guided Yin-Yang Yoga Class

Who is it for?

Anyone who would like to gain more insight in how to use their body is welcome to attend: yoga teachers, yoga practitioners of any level, and practitioners of different sports.

This workshop will lead to more relaxation and resilience in all your daily activities.

In joining this workshop, you will receive a 25 hrs certificate recognised by Yoga Alliance. You can use this for your YACEP hours (continuing education), provided that you already are an 200 or 500 hour certified teacher (RYT). For more information, check the Yoga Alliance website.

Bookings and more details

The workshop takes place at Yoga Moves Utrecht from 12.30 to 17.30

For reservations, complete program and questions, please contact Jos茅 using the contact box below. 
Or check Jos茅鈥檚 website

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